Challenges to Global Governance:
Conflict, Contagion,
and Citizens’ Rights

Monday, February 18, 2019


Though the long-term trend is towards a more peaceful world, violent intrastate conflicts and states’ use of repression against their own citizens remain key global challenges. Conflict and repression spill over borders, create or exacerbate other policy problems, and put pressure on international institutions.

The workshop aims to highlight the work of PhD students and post-docs from across the UK and to foster a community among early career researchers engaged in cutting-edge research on these policy-relevant challenges. Senior scholars will be present to help facilitate discussion.

Papers on all issues related to the workshop theme are welcome, with papers on the following topics of particular interest:

  • Why do external state and non-state actors get involved in civil wars, and with what consequences for conflict dynamics and the post-war period? 

  • Why do some conflicts turn violent while others play out through non-violent means?

  • Why do some states and some rebel groups exercise restraint in the use of violence?

  • What are the contributions of non-state actors to the escalation and de-escalation of violence and repression?

  • What is the relationship between informal and formal governance and violent conflict?

  • Under what conditions—and how—are armed actors held to account after wars come to an end?

  • What are the conditions under which states resort to repression and restrictions of citizens and civil society organizations? And how do citizens and the international community respond?

  • What role do leaders play in the choice of violence and the response of international community?

In addition to featuring research presentations and discussions, the conference will include a session on engaging policy-makers and practitioners.

The conference is a day-long event, starting at 9:30 am and concluding with dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Funding for (economy class) travel costs is available. The conference is co-hosted by UCL’s Global Governance Institute and the Institute of Advanced Studies, and organized in cooperation with the Department of Political Science’s Conflict & Change research cluster.

Please submit your abstract (no more than 400 words) by Monday, November 26, 2018, to Professor Kristin M. Bakke (kmbakke@ucl.ac.uk) and Mr. Kit Rickard (christopher.rickard.14@ucl.ac.uk). We will respond within two weeks.